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New Book: Chance Expressions

A comprehensive guide to the domestic glassware produced by Chance Brothers

From a collectors point of view there is very little to help with the identification, dating, valuation and relative rarity of domestic glassware produced by Chance Brothers, apart from this web site.

But there are many misleading comments and statements that simpy propogate rumours and incorrect identification for some of the patterns – all these are addressed in Chance Expressions. Available soon.

Chance Expressions:
The History of Domestic Glassware from Chance Brothers
Including a catalogue and reference guide for any collector
ISBN-13: 978-0-9549196-1-0

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(available the week starting 10th December 2007)

Many important findings that will help answer the following questions:

  • Spiderweb Celery Vase
    A truly iconic design

    What exactly is 'Aqualux'?
  • Is your rare Swirl dish really Swirl?
  • Who designed Swirl? Probably not who you think!
  • Who designed the superb Psychedelic pattern?
  • Handkerchief Vases: how many colours/patterns?
  • Which rare patterns are not listed on this site???
  • How much did Britannia cost in 1950?

Included is a chapter précising the history of Chance Brothers — Volume 2 (Chance Reflections, due out in 2008) deals with this in depth, along with the various technologies developed by the company.

Also included is a chapter detailing Chance's involvement with the media and the influence of 1950s design, through the various manufacturers, organisations and exhibitions.

— The first of two books on Chance Brothers —
Volume 2: Chance Reflections
The History & Technology of Chance Brothers
is scheduled for release in 2008

Contents: Chance Expressions

  • Foreword by Charles Hajdamach
  • Introduction
  • 1. A Short History of Chance Brothers
  • 2. Pressed Glass, 1929-1953
  • 3. Slumped Glass: Fiestaware Cross-Reference
  • 4. Slumped Glass: Fiestaware Patterns 1951-81
  • 5. Fiestaware: Related Issues
  • 6. Handkerchief Vases and Posy Bowls, 1956-81
  • 7. 1950s Design Philosophy and the Media
  • Appendices

Foreword by Charles Hajdamach, a widely respected glass historian, researcher and author:

British Glass, 1800-1914
British Glass, 1900-2000 (due 2009)
Frederick Carder and Steuben Glass: American Classics (co-author)


Mechanical Data

  • Full-colour printing, 'perfect' bound, silk laminated 350gsm soft cover
  • Size: A4 (210 x 297mm)
  • SIze/Type: 148 pp on quality 150gsm silk paper
  • Provisional price: just £17.99 (€27 through Europe, $35 US)
  • Printed and Published in the UK

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Provisional: All information is liable to change



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